"Movement is life, life is a process. Improve the quality of the process and you improve the quality of life itself."


Kia Ora my name is Daniel, born in Aotearoa, New Zealand I am a Personal Trainer and Fitness Coach based in South-West London.

I came to the UK as a professional Contemporary dancer having performed extensively throughout Europe, Asia and New Zealand.  Strength, skill and endurance have always been the foundation of my physical function.  Growing up in New Zealand I was dedicated to maintaining an active lifestyle. I have regularly trained in swimming, athletics and have competed in multiple equestrian disciplines.

Throughout my dance training and career, I was always fascinated by the challenges and amazing physicality that the human body can endure.  The process of rehearsal, refining and performing were highly gratifying.

As a dancer, injuries were a given; torn meniscus, pulled calf muscles and a busted shoulder to name a few. I came to realise that injuries were the body’s way of shouting and screaming “something isn’t right!”. I used those injuries to better understand how I was moving, correct it and subsequently grow stronger.

In 2016, I found Crossfit and was immediately hooked. Constantly learning new skills and ways of moving, using my body’s power to challenge and achieve, always striving to be better than yesterday. There was a clear path of progression and this was an exciting and rewarding process.

My passion for movement and fitness has led me to where I am today. With online clients in London and abroad and master trainer at one of London’s premiere boutique gyms 1Rebel. I love working with individuals and teaching large group classes with special emphasis on movement correction.

Crossfit Level 1
OPEX CCP- In progress
Level 3 Personal Training and Fitness Instructing

Your body is yours and yours alone!

If you’re are looking to improve sports performance, get more from your classes or improve everyday activity and well-being.

Get the most out of your fitness and training by learning how your body can and should move.

Individual and specific training for the best results and training longevity.


Whether you are at the beginning of your fitness journey or require some closer attention, personal training sessions are tailored to you.

PT is a great way of introducing beginners to new movements and skills ensuring they are comfortable in the gym or class environment and moving proficiently.

  • Suitable for refining movements and skills
  • Available as an add-on to the Remote programming or long-term option

PT sessions are also available remote via Zoom


Once you have an understanding and foundation of movement, online programming is for those who want to be more specific with their training and goals. Tailored to fit in with your schedule and lifestyle.

  • Initial Consultation to get a clear understanding of your goals and priorities.
  • Lifestyle assessment to align these two important factors with your goals.
  • Movement and Work Capacity assessment to understand your starting point.
  • Training Plan delivered through TrueCoach which allows you to track your training and progress
  • Monthly Consult with your Coach to discuss training, lifestyle, nutrition, sleep and stress. 
  • Accountability, support and a 1:1 relationship with your Coach

Whether you’re looking for full time training or some supplementary work to add to your current training / sporting or work commitments. Each plan can be tailored and curated around individuals.

Whether you’re looking at building strength, getting aerobically fit or simply leading a more active lifestyle. 




A 1:1 chat either in person or over the phone to understand you; your history, priorities, values, goals and of course where you are right now.

We will also discuss the best option and fit for you, not everyone works well with everyone. Coach – client relationship is extremely important.

I will give you a number of different assessments/tests to identify movement and mobility imbalances, structural strength and work capacity.

After the Consultation and Assessment phase I will have a better understanding to be able to design a complete individualised program that is tracked and monitored daily through the TrueCoach app.

All your workouts and daily communication will be tracked through TrueCoach. All this can be accessed through your phone, where you will receive your daily programs and can track your training and results. I will be available throughout the day to answer any questions.

The ultimate goal of the monthly consult is to ensure your progress as well as build a relationship. You (as a client) will update me on lifestyle, sleep, nutrition and stress to ensure I build the best program for you.

"Fit is not a destination but a way of life!"

"There is no shortcut. It takes time to create a better, stronger version of yourself."


"We see in order to move, we move in order to see."

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